The Power of the Mask

I know everyone is tired of hearing about the current COVID pandemic but there has been a lot of questions coming my way in regard to the problems arising in skin conditions from continuously having to wear a disposable or cloth face mask.

So I thought I would share a few common skin concerns that are occurring for some people of all ages from continual mask wearing.

Firstly we have to keep our masks on!

For those who already struggle with breakouts and for those who haven't previously suffered with breakouts or problematic skin are now seeing major changes in the quality of their skin, not for the better I might add - particularly around the chin, jawline, even underneath the eye area.

From continual mask wearing (which is compulsory in certain circumstances and cannot be avoided) can cause the skin to become sensitive and irritated, develop skin rashes, pimples, excess blackheads and even breakouts. 

Breathing into the mask (particularly over long periods of time, day after day) creates its own little humid environment that harmful bacteria thrive on and causes the skin to produce excess oil that can result in clogged, blocked pores. Not to mention the stress levels of feeling like you are going to suffocate while trying to work and talk when your face is covered from jawline to the eyeballs :)

Not only is this a struggle for you but your skin is struggling to function normally in it's little enclosed environment.

Another issue arising is from the mask rubbing the skin (due to talking with it on) creating friction and pressure marks from the mask being on for extended periods of time resulting in redness and inflammation.

So what does the skin do? It reacts by objecting to its environment with rashes, pimples/breakouts and oiliness.

Being consistent with your skincare routine is key at anytime. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your skin you need to act now to ensure it doesn't create a long-term problem.

When skin issues arise you need to pay attention to the results you are experiencing with products you are currently using as you may need to change it up a bit or add to your skincare routine to see desired results. If you are unsure about what you are using ask a professional for advice.

If you are experiencing any negative skin changes from wearing a disposable or cloth face mask there are a few things you can do to help. Sometimes using too many products to try to rectify the skin problem only makes it worse so KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Using a cocktail of products, ingredients, swopping and changing brands and scrubbing the life out of your skin will only irritate and alter the skins protective barrier function which can create further lasting problems.

One product that can help and does help is our DUAL ACTION MASK used once or twice a week, yes A MASK! Along with daily cleansing, toning and moisturising of course.