Spring time is a wonderful time of year but not for those with allergies. With new plant growth, pollens and windy weather combined makes pollutants and allergens rife.

Thats why using our skincare products that contain only organic/natural ingredients that are compatible with the skin is of utmost importance.

When Hayfever season hits and you happen to be one of those people that struggle with sneezing, runny nose, itchy watery eyes, itchy throat and itchy skin unfortunately this throws your system and your skin into a little chaos.

Sometimes you have no choice but to take an antihistamine to get some relief.

Taking antihistamines will stop the nose from running, relieve itchy watery eyes and anything else that’s dripping. But bear in mind if it has the ability to dry up secretions then it can also contribute to drying out the skin, just to add to your list of frustrations.

I recommend during this aggravating season to:

– drink plenty of water

– use our Absolute Face Mask once a week to help restore lost hydration

– use our Eye Therapy Cream which contains Cucumber Seed Oil, every morning and night to hydrate, soothe and calm your eye area

– use our Night Restore Cream every evening (especially around the nose) to keep the skin well nourished

– use our Body Lotion daily to relive dry, itchy skin and keep your skin balanced, smooth and protected.

Try to refrain from rubbing the eyes and nose areas as this can weaken the capillaries, stretch the skin and contribute to redness, puffiness and fine lines or wrinkles.