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New - Absolute Cream Mask

New - Absolute Cream Mask

A lot of women think using a mask once a week is a little too much effort.

Well, did you know that adding a mask into your weekly ritual is the quickest way to give your skin a boost in the most minimal time as not everyone has the time or money to have regular facials. 70% of your skincare results will be obtained from your home care routine. So its extremely important that good habits are formed and consistency is key to long term skin health.

Julie Albert Skincare has put together a beautiful hydrating cream mask full of fruit oils to give your skin that weekly pick-me-up.

A soothing and hydrating mask with ingredients that have been used by Egyptians for hundreds of years to promote beautiful radiant skin. This silky smooth cream mask glides on easily and helps stimulate circulation just below the skins surface to promote healthy cells and collagen. It aids in the reduction of inflammation, evens out the complexion, tightens and tones skin. With a unique blend of calming and antibacterial ingredients as well as Rose Geranium Oil this mask is a must-have for any beauty enthusiast to maintain a healthy complexion.

If you haven't been using a mask then its high time you added one to your regime. Your skin will be noticeably fresh, plumped and radiant.

GREAT FOR: All skin types, normal, dry, dehydrated, combination, ageing and even acne skin.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Kaolin / Evening Primrose Oil / Coconut Oil / Rosa Canina Fruit Oil / Rose Geranium Oil



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