Some skin conditions have a psychological dimension like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, scalp conditions and rosacea to name a few. If you’ve ever blushed or had the urge to itch from being in a nervous situation then you’ll know how the emotions can have an effect on the skin. 

It’s important to recognise the emotional issues that may be linked or trigger skin conditions. Even though some skin conditions can be successfully treated with medications, topical creams, etc; sometimes the skin will resist such therapies and if emotional factors are still present the immune system and nervous system will continue to be negatively effected and the skin condition will continue to manifest.

Taking time out to relax, unwind, de-stress and breathe is proven to help the brain and nervous system to have a positive impact on skin cells to promote skin healing and rejuvenation.

Everyones idea of relaxation is different, some people like to meditate, some like to go for a long walk and some just like to curl up with a good book. Find what works for you, factor it into your lifestyle, be consistent, your skin and your body will thank you for it.