About Me


Hi, I’m Julie Albert, founder of Julie Albert Skincare. My friends call me Jules but my daughter affectionately refers to me as Juju. I’m not a supermodel nor am I a celebrity, but I do have over two decades experience as an internationally qualified Skin & Beauty Therapist and Aroma Therapist.

Over the many years spent as a Beauty Therapist, I have consistently worked to care for and educate women on how best to address their skin care concerns. It all starts with understanding what it is they want to achieve and developing good skincare habits to do so. Throughout my career I have witnessed how skincare has a huge part to play in a woman’s confidence and self esteem. Every woman deserves to have beautiful skin and I don’t believe there is one woman in the world that doesn’t wish for it, so that’s where I come in.

I have always had a fascination with the skin and how it responds to different ingredients and essential oils; especially those derived from Mother Nature. With the rise in skin sensitivities, allergies and gut health issues, I knew that I wanted to create my own boutique range of naturally derived products, to provide women premium quality skincare products containing safe ingredients yet still had a positive impact on the skin and body.

I believe skincare needs to be factored into your lifestyle in order to be consistent. This also needs to be achievable and above all give you the results you desire. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two, I fully understand what its like to be pushed for time. There’s no need to over analyze your skincare routine as I’ve done all the hard work for you. My skincare is all about making the complex simple, allowing you to form good habits long term.

Julie Albert Skincare is streamlined, logical, and effortless and is designed to suit the lifestyle of today’s women.