What We Use



We use high quality carrier oils and plant extracts in all our products. Our skincare is made with fruits, flowers, roots, herbs, nut and seed oils that contain potent phytochemicals. Yes, chemicals. Everything we eat, touch, and apply to our skin is made up of chemicals. All matter, including us, is made up of chemicals although you are led to believe they are the enemy. Earth and everything in it is made up of chemicals. Our job is to ensure that your skincare products contain ingredients that are safe, friendly, non-carcinogenic, free from harmful chemicals and are designed to nourish and protect the skin rather than cause damage.

Just like our food, we all know that a plate of fresh, organic produce is way better for our health and makes us feel amazing, the same applies to your skincare. 


 What's in our products:

  • natural ingredients
  • vegan ingredients
  • organic ingredients
  • Australian oils, plants & extracts

What's not in our products:

  • parabens
  • sulphates
  • gmo
  • artificial colours
  • synthetic bulking agents
  • petrochemicals
  • phthalates
  • chemical synthesised sunscreen
  • mineral oil
  • palm oil
  • synthetic dye
  • animal by-products

 View our product brochures to find out more:

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